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Taylor Nuss-Soeharto PSC Graduate 2016 (AIPP Australian Student of Year, 2016)

What did PSC give you, and how did it set you up for a career in photography?

美洲杯竞猜投注 When I started at PSC I had no specific path mapped out, I just knew that I loved photography and wanted to learn about it. Over the years, I learned numerous lighting and conceptual story telling techniques which - alongside the mentoring of my teachers - helped me develop my own style as well as grow as a professional photographer. PSC was great at providing me with a huge amount of knowledge about all the various fields of photography. This helped me recognise what kind of career I wanted to pursue and gave me the tools and education to do so.

Taylor Nuss-Soeharto PSC Graduate 2016 (AIPP Australian Student of Year, 2016)

You were the winner of the Australian Photography Student of the Year Prize in 2016, can you tell me how that felt, and what impact that had on your photography career after you graduated?

I was incredibly humbled to have been awarded the Australian Photography Student of the Year. I never dreamed about this happening to me! Not only did winning the award get me in contact with people within the industry, it helped me realise that I can work at a very high standard.

Shelby Eade First year student

How have you changed throughout the year?

“My confidence has grown a huge amount this year! Not only with my practice, but I’m more confident within myself and more comfortable meeting new people and working with them.”

Daan Hoffmann PSC Graduate 2013

Why did you choose PSC?

?“A photography magazine had a list of photography institutions for tertiary education and PSC was rated highest. The fantastic staff showed me around and when I saw the images on the walls I knew this was the place I had to end up!”

Sally Kaack First year student

What advice would you offer to future students?

“Have an open mind and challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and experiment with your work. Also, don’t be afraid of covering the basics – even if it’s again – as having a strong foundation allows you to grow hugely."

Antoine Loncle First year student

What have been some of the best experiences in your first year?

“Developing more of a professional workflow has been really rewarding. It makes my entire process a lot more efficient and helps me produce higher quality work.”

Kaitlyn Church First year student

What surprised you during the year?

“It wasn’t as hard as I expected. the course is very well- paced and the teachers are very knowledgeable and supportive.”

Josh Defelice First year student

Where do you see yourself next year and in the future?

“I want to experiment more in the studio, especially creating more artistic and conceptual work.”

Anne McCallum Part Time student

I thought it was time to pursue my passion

"I’ve always loved photography. For someone who has been telling her children that they can do anything… I thought it was time I took up the opportunity to pursue my passion.”

Pier Carthew Part Time student

The facilities drew me to the school

“The facilities drew me to the school... My experience with shooting in the studios at PSC has been wonderful. I’m happy with the work I’ve produced here, because I now think about photography very differently.”

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